Sunday, November 8, 2009


sorry for wat i done..
sorry for the ppl i neglected..
sorry for not giving caring to ppl...

i really feel sorry..
i today think and think and think alot..
i really a bad girl..

i treat my fren like Buoy..
God please forgive me..
i need a new heart..
a new xinhui reborn again!
A ppl who cares for other ppl no matter she will receive any rewards or any benefit!!
so sorry Lord...
Let me can put love at my dear Bro and sista in christ!
Give me Your Love dear Jesus..

Give me the sensibility!!
let me sense ppl feeling..
if they sad. i can give my care to them..
not to wait the things over then i oni know...
or the whole world know jor i oni know ....
let me be on time Lord...

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