Friday, November 20, 2009


i went to class as usual..
i sat down..
Then beside me is my fren....
he ask me...

XIN XIN HUI u add me in facebook huh??

Then i laugh and replied him..


inside my heart is mumbling myself.
What so strange to add the classmate?

Haha.. I am so LUCKY I met him at facebook then I add him lo.

Just need to click add as friend only ma. What so tough??

Haha. By the way this is not the main point.

The main point is..

He continue the conservation…

He asked me..

Is Me still single?

Then I answer him YA~

Then he asked me again..

Why me don’t want find a boy friend?

Then I tell him why I need a boy friend?

Then he start to say something that let me think for 5 mins de thing.

He say..

Friends cannot let me feel like I m a princess..Only BF can do it

Got a BF sayang me not good meh?

BF can let me feel secure..

In BF the world only me in his eyes..

BF can teman me go anywhere.

And blabla bla..

He keep convince meee~~


In the end he say…

XIN HUI, we mean to be together la!

Then I say..



Upon this conversation..

100% is joke wan la….

Coz if he serious I can die la.

I think he see me so sien at class so come and kacau kacau la..

For me.. is not the right time to have BF la.

By the way.. the main point is NO ppl want me to be his GF also la.

Think so much for what.

Haha… go and diet 1st only talk about boy girl relationship la..


Most important .

i know God will show me if that guy really is my half...

HE will will guide me..

Is me wan..then is me wan..

and i will wait... till it comes..

if i love God.. God sure will throw a white prince to meeee~~~


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