Wednesday, January 21, 2009


today meet an old friend of mine..
she saw me though the window..
apiit whole building like covered by glasses window..
so can see thought it..
then she at level 3 saw me.
then she come down find me..
then we chit chat..
coz tat time we new student need to play ice break.
then i say byebye to her 1st..
later go find her..

then we play ice break.
we divide into groups.
my group is number 1..
need to think slogan le..
and make a plane using news paper le.
so gao xiao..
i juz sit at there..
nothing to constibute..
no idea le..
build plane i dono de le.
slogan i got share some idea lo..
like tat lo.
ice break end lo.
then i go back find nicole lo..
find jor her...
then say bye bye to her.
coz she wan to go take exam already...
after saying byebye.
suddenlly felt like calling kimberly..
then kimberly so ngam she also at college now.
she go foyer and meet me..
we stand on the centre of foyer..
hahahah... then chat..
after tat she intro her fren to me..
1 is wai yee.. last time same secondary skul wif me de..
then other 2 i forgot their names..
then kim continue intro her fren to me..
i think got 10 ppls like tat la she intro..
got girl got guy..
but almost kim intro me de.
is all leng lui d..
got one kadasan girl..
dono wat name..
pretty le. haha..
and also one dono which country girl.
also she intro to me.. also leng..
then after tat i saw yen fen(meikei's fren) also..
after tat me and kim and 3 others girl ..we go eat lunch..
after lunch then go back class again..

then listen listen listen speech..
then go back home..
when go out class wan walk staircase.
then suddenlly i hear one very fimiliar de voice..
saying HUI...
then i turn back..
then i saw mr tan zheng wei...
haha. he is having his presentation at college..
most yeng is..
when i walk out of the entrance of apiit college.
i saw 3737..
juz in front of the college..
every one sure can see this car wan..
coz oni got one entrance. LOL.
geng wor..
tats d right way to treat dai lou..

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