Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks.. LOL.. learn from yeqi!

haha. i saw yeqi's post..
she show her appreciation to her family and friends!
Nice post! i also wanna do that!
we should have the heart of gratitude all the time..
we need to appreciate all the people around you..
ok .. start now..

Dad : A good father, always fetch me.. although he very busy. he also will try his best to fetch me.. and got 1 time i forgot took my stuff to school, he willing to turn back to take the thing for me.. very touch lo.. i will pray for him everyday.. Coz he havent become a christian like me.. i wan he same with me.. get the Salvation!! Amen! in faith i believe that.. God will do his work at my family! my father is a good guy.. he no smoke, even less drink beer, and now less talk bad words already.. i can see he slowly slowly change to a better guy already! Praise Lord.

Mum : A women.. who very jimat cermat.. haha.. but this good value never 遗传 for me.. haha.. i m very boros.. but now petrol rose prize.. oh my god... every thing also 钱钱声. so cruel. haha.. em.. out of topic.. lol.. my mum a.. a beautiful women.. i think got many ppl chase her when she young.. she got tell me who chase her.. i also dont understand why she marry my father.. haha.. luckily she marry my father.. i dont wan call a different guy BABA.. very weird.. lol. Last month my mum go ipoh teman my grandma for 2 weeks. and when my mum bring my grandma go hospital for operation.. a guy 35 years old smth.. like wan chase my mum.. tat guy's mum know my grandma wan.. and the guy ask his mum many things about my mum.. LOL.. alamak.. my mum already berkahwin and got a BIG daughter like me already lo.. haiz.. you and my mum BO YUAN lo.. haha.. anyway.. Thanks for my mum lo.. always support me finaincial.. let me have to ability to 奉献.

Brother : Hmm.. me and him less quarrel la.. he also fetch me here and there wan.. so good la.. haha.. Anywan wan to buy amway product u can call him.. Gan Wei Pin 0163355573. and those who wan to massage their body or massage foot or wan 火罐.. also can call my father..0162221585.. lol.. can kira cheaper of coz!

Grandma : Nothing much say about her.. me and her relationship no really good. thanks for give a house for us.I do pray for her.. hope she become a christian like me also.. Salvation!!

Grandba : When i live at tmn desa tat time.. always no money take taxi to church.. LOL.. he is the wan who always bless me when i really need money.. Thanks God used him to bless me..

Zoe : She is my leader.. I really love her.. =) i learn many things from her... u know wat? she really a great leader.. she is praise and worship leader.. cell group leader.. plus drama working member.. a make up profesional... a HR... wahlao.. really need to tear off ah.. haha.. really mou tak deng.. if i got half of her then good lo.. but since i know God will use ppl different way.. i so wont compare with others.. i juz wan to love God like my leader how to love God.. =)

Teck Meng : my previous cg leader... a good man.. love God.. he is a banana man. lol.. but now he know how to speak chinese already!! u know why? he is willing to learn.. and practice..haha..

Richard : My cg leader. he is a good man.. optimistic man.. always cheer us up.. sometimes when he share something with me.. i feel tat i juz like last time de him... when he pray his hand will shake.. but now.. he is a PRAYER HERO! Amen! i want to be like him! when i pray i know tat i m praying to God.. so i no need to be so nervous till like catch up train like tat.. haha.. juz pray in pure heart.. believe wat u pray God will listen.. see the eyes of faith to see things.. thats all.. =)

YeQi : My 出生入死 de sister in christ.. i really love her.. although sometimes i feel that i and her is different world.. hahahahahahahahah.. no la.. in christ we are in unity right?? LOL.. YEQI.. u know i really love u wan right? i help u to do one discusting things before leh.. wakaka.. alwiz 提起.. hahahahahahah.. no la.. she is a 爱神的姐妹... =)

YiPing : My 金兰姐妹.. me is ah beng.. she is ah lian.. LOL.. one of my really good fren.. caring friend... very take care of me..i love her bery bery muchie looo~ but we too good already la.. she hvt tell me i also know already.. hehe.. she is my true friend lo.. THx God put her in my life.. i learn many things from her.. she is a designer.. thx God she is a designer.. she can help me on my homework.. haha.. she be hand i be leg lo. hahahaha.. btw that.. she is our member.. which is SP club.. got post wan u know.. The vice president of SOPOh club.. lol.. next time wan create a sopo logo liao.. lol..

ShiWen : No need say.. if know me de people sure know me and shi wen is 天生一对la...wakaka.. we can sot whole day.. but we also can talk heart..我们是讲心的!haha.. but i think all of my sis or bro in christ also talk heart wan right? lol.. she really my good sister.. i really love this sis.. Me and her got many same characteristic, so we can stick together.. lol.. we never hav arguement before leh.. altot ppls say arguement can improve retionship but me and shiwen know each other for 7 years but no argue before.. just got one time she nvr choi me... u know when a? when i standard 6 that time.. tat time so childish.. play those games like 我不要跟你好.. so that time our childhood also got this game.. lol.. next time i must teach my son or daughter cannot boycoat ppl.. no good.. no culture.. LOL... SHIWEN a SHIWEN. we believe that we can serious in God insane of serious in playing right.. hehe.. 玩有时,吃有时,爱神无时, AMEN! hehe..

ChuiWen : Haha.. no need say also la.... she is my Sei Dong.. really thanks God that chui wen she transfer to my primary school when standard 6 then i can know her. haha.. dono why we very fast become good friend... haha.. then when we go to secondary skul we different school so we miss contact already lo... The chance me and chui wen meet again is end of year 2006.. my friend suddenlly told me chui wen is working at mid velly teddy tales.. tat time is few days be4 school long break.. November.. tat time still i still got go skul.. tat day after i hear my fren told me this, i and ask my fren ser minh teman me go mid velly go find chui wen.. haha.. when i reach teddy tales there a.. i dont dare go in a... hahahaha.. dono why.. very malu o.. if i saw chui wen i also dono wat to say to her.. coz i 4 years never saw her already. suddenlly meet her like very weird and malu malu o.. so i juz stand outside the shop.. and look inside.. haha.. OH MY GOD... i saw chui wen serving a customer.. haha.. but she nvr saw me.. then suddenlly after the customer leave.. chui wen saw me in the shop mirror there.. then she shout XINHUI??!! haha.. i fast fast Ciaoz a.. dono why a.. then i ciaoz go ktm there.. haha.. then ser minh ask me.. why u so scare o? juz meet an old fren oni boh... haha.. ya lo.. why i so scare a.. then i go back the shop again.. then i go in.. then i say hi to chui wen.. hahaha.. then i ask for her number.. and if i free i sure go mid velly find her wan.. haha.. tat time got 1st year cross over.. and singing competition.. i wanted to ask her.. but i nvr do so. coz tat time too busy already.. i nvr go mid velly already.. and i was thinking that chui wen is busy working now.. hard to tear herself to join this crossover event. so i nvr ask her go.. GUYS.. THIS LESSON TO TELL U ALL, PLS GIVE A CHANCE TO YOUR FREN. DONT LIMIT GOD.. CALL ALL YOUR FREN.. DONT THINK TAT SHE OR HE BUSY OR ANTI CHRIST SO U DONT WAN CALL THEM.. PLS.. IS A SOUL... DESIRE FOR SOULS.. TO ALL YOUR BEST TO CALL EVERYONE U KNOW OR EVEN U DONT KNOW WAN.. u know the story continue with wat story line? i never call her.. but meibo's cousin call her.. God is like tat.. u dont wan to let God use. God will use another person.. this is a lesson i learn from God.. then chui wen come and join singing competition. and get champion! haha.. God really amazing and God wan chui wen stay at CYC.. haha.. then cross over ma.. need to follow up new fren.. tat time so ngam chui wen's hp lose already.. got stolen.. so i cant contact her.. and she stop working already.u know how i contact her anot?? i call her house phone. God really amazing u know.. he let me think back her house phone number. i never call this number for almost 4 years and i never wrote it down.. suddenlly i remember her house num is 77831831/79831831..God use my brain to think back her house num.. LOLz.. i try to call this both numbers.. 'DO DO... DO DO.. WEI?' '请问翠雯在吗?''我是' OH MY GOD.. NYAAAA DA~~ haha.. then i ask why i cannot contact her then she say her lost her hp and she dono my number so she cant call me back.. haha.. then i call her go cg and service.. Till now.. she is a very regular member and cg working member and a leader who lead 100 ppls in da future..AMEN!... haha.. Chui Wen, u know.. the way u come cyc and back to God's怀抱 is really amazing.. =)


yeqi said...
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yeqi said...

I tell u..
when i saw ur blog..
then when i see n see n see..
my tear fall n fsll n fall..
tat time a..
i m in library..
all ppl get shock, cause they think i m crying..
u a..
always said tat 'midvalley' thing..
dont let other know wat tat thing is a, ok?
if not........ u noe lah..
v really need to thanks all ppl beside n around us, if not because of them a..
then v cant get such a 'beautiful' life loh..
all tis is our God give us de..
so v must appriciate them..
say too many liao..bye bye..
add oil 2gether a..

欣慧 said...

haha. why cry wor..?
i think i write comedy stuff de??
hahaha.. when i see back got few wrong word.. very funny lo.. lazy to edit.. LOL..
why cry why cry?
got touch thing meh??
tell me tell me why why?

yeqi said...

cause very gan dong loh..
see u wroteuntill so gan dong..
i oso dont noe y cry until like tat o..
jus xiang cry when see..
all ppl think i sot liao..