Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is CYC futsal cup day..
haha.. not bad lo...
We get 1st prize o..
I felt happy of coz.
If we can win souls for 1st prize then i will more happy..
ya... and 1st time i use english to pray leh.. in front of 3 bananas.. lol.. they totally dono mandarin..
so i have to pray in english..
i remember i pray God in english before..
very gao xiao wan..
i tell God i wan to improve english..
so i pray wif english..
but no few day change back to mandarin already..
althought that time i pray till very kek shui..
but i dont care lo.. juz pray lo..
hahahaha.. 1st time gather pray very hard wan.
yeqi keep shouting come come come.. and marie say come come come oni the 3 ppl come..
then i pray lo.. second time we no need say come come come then we already stand in a circle naturely and i say let us have a short prayer again.. this time dono why. prayer still kek shui.. haha.. but when i say in jesus name.. i hear the amen sound is louder then the 1st time wan.. maybe is yeqi or marie say amen loud lo.. dono..
wakakkaka.. this year really different from other year.. we hav sing praise song.. lol.. haha..
and we start to evangelism.. a good starting.. i believe that if we more 操练 will be more GENG.. and led ppl by christ lo... Ya.. thx God..

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