Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Life Part 2

This is my Best Fren in camp.
Her name is Kai Yee..
Live at temerloh..
She is good to me..
She treat me as a sis..
She is a christian..
Before we both finish our ns..
She wrote a letter for me..
The content.. make me cry..
I do appreciate our friendship..
and she say she would like to come my church if she comes KL..
I very much look forward to see her..
She like laughing..
is crazy laughing those type..
i use to cover her mouth when she cant control herself for crazy laughing
when everybody hear she laughing sound..
we also follow she laugh.. but laugh for nothing..
An interesting fren i met..
She same dorm wif me.. same company..
thanks for the memory she gaves me..

This is another Best Fren of mine during camp..
Her name is xiao hui..She playful and cute..
many guys chase her in camp..Malay guys and Chinese guy.
sometimes when riadah time (riadah is free time.. play sports... 1730~1830)..
we will go for jogging or play balls..
she teman me..
and i alwiz play many games wif her.... haha..
she is a very fun fren...

This is my another Fren
her name is Kiwi..
She is a true fren..
she treat u wif a true heart..
she is innocent.. haha
she is friendly..
and she keep praising me cute..
make me very paiseh!!!
but she go back on april 20..
now she study at INTI nilai..
she will come KL find me..

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