Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bye bye Yen Che

haha.. we went to sing k... with yen che's fren.. we will about 12ppls in a big sing k room... Erm.. me hav no chance to choose song and sing.. coz got someppls.. keep choosing the songs and sing their self... =.=' the picture above.. is my frens opposite my sing k room.. so ngam a..then i go find them.. coz at my sing k there cannot sing k .. and sien... so i go there find my fren.. then i go there sing 3 songs like tat.. then i go back to my original sing k room.. haha.. (no sing any songs... got student card... no eat chips... no eat food.. oni drink 2 drinkss.. RM20 gone!!!.. sum tong nya..)
This is Yen Che.. she went to australia study already lo.... Wish her good luck lo...

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