Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Life Part 1

Hey Guys!
I m Backkkkk~~~
Is time to share about my life in NS!

This is me in full loreng!
haha... Em... At there.. we have 6 meal per day!
1st meal... 0730 breakfast
2nd meal...1030 tea break
3rd meal... 1230 lunch
4th meal.... 1630 lunch break
5th meal..... 1830 dinner time
6th meal.... 2230 Night tea

Pls arreange your cup and tray nicely

My tray (pls enjoy your meal) HAHA!

my eating envoirment

Dewan Makan

Ok.. after introduce my FOOD life..

Is time to show you my dorm!

My dorm

My bed and locker

my locker

My no.index

The view capture under the bed

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