Friday, October 16, 2009


thousand years no touch this blog. haha..
the chat box many ppl complain jor la.
recently xin hui how a?
GOOD la.
peace inside.. haha.
but i become BAD ppl la recently..
doing BAD things.
haih. sorry a God..
i will not do it again.!
aiyo. u all no need guess la..
actually i very sorry la.
coz i talk bad about my fren..
xin hui very sui o?
but xin hui wont la..
xin hui must love all ppl..
including those ppl hurt u de..

my enternal drop jor la. cant sense ppl la. my best fren not happy i also dono la.
so cha la.. muz increase my sense jor la.

actually during this new sem i still blur blur de la..
this is my most update de status la for now. haha..

actually blog hor.. very funny de lo.
write thing hor. wan ppl see o..
then dont wan ppl see o.
then make the post like sikit sikit obvious o.
gao xiao lo.. haiz.
if ask me upload pic then i very lazy lo.
so hor. i type something update update then let my fren c c lo.
see i so good.


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