Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hmmm... Ahh.. hOOOO~ XINHUI!

Finally my blog no fattt mei jor.
but 1st of all ..
i need say Sorry to ZhengWei 1st..

the story was begun like this....

Yesterday.. which is Sunday..
i already felt like unsecure in my heart loo...
then today when leader trainig BO sOU gOR help those driver pray oh...
then hor.. we ma go sri pentas 2 go support support chui wen lo..

was raining .. not really heavy..
but suddenly. climax part..
people inside my car..
like all dreaming like tat..
suddenlly i get back my concious..
i saw Zheng Wei car break man!
i also fast fast pressss my car break rapidly and full of streagth....
kena man~
all the car ppl scream ..
meikei was sitting infront.
she dont dare to open her eyes when wan to bang~~~
aiks man..
is juz because in front the merz break..
then zheng wei break...
then i lai bu ji break...
then bang.
juz because of infront got 一滩水..
then i knew already bang.
if still need to continue driving.
coz that is a highway. and my car still can drive..
and then zheng wei was dissapear lo..
then i ma drive myself to the location lo..
then when passes the toll..
i suddenlly saw zheng wei park his car at a side and check for its wife altis car.
then i was felt like..
cham la..
me crush is ok ma..
tats not my husband..
but zheng wei different wor....
tat is his WIFEEE~ OR CLOSE BRO~
i rosak nvm worrrr~
he rosak then dai zei loooo.
then when i saw his car and him i lai bu ji stop already..
then i ma go straight lo.
once i crush car..
my first reaction was..
oh my God..
then i dont dare to check how my car front was..
then i straight go sri pentas..

ppls ask how my car..
i say dono coz havet check eye see.
then they encourage me to open my eyes seeee~~~
haha. ok..
when finish~~~
then i ma go parking there check lo..
u know how my car looks like...

tell u u also wont believe ah~~~
my car..
99% look like havent get crush de look~~
oh my God.
sikit flower or curve pun tak ada..
praise the Lord man.
luckily we on the way to sri pentas JUNFAI pray for our journey man.
and BO sOU GOR also.
i cant imagine. if not prayer how serious will be looo..
but most unlucky is zheng wei la...
coz mo tuin tuin get crush looo..
sommore his car boot was lilk curve in..
Sorry la ZhengWei~
your wife curve in and got flower jor~
me owes u alot~

Thanks God for protecting Us man!

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