Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i m back!
My mood..
so random..
haha.. no good or bad..
reach a balanced level lo.
XinHui muz change YO~
XinHui wan to become Andrew! haha..
u tot wat?
i wan bian xing a..???
is bible characator la.
Today hor..
my fren tell me he gonna change course and college if he got chance..
but i think he will change coll de la..
he not interested at all lo.. can see.
but he still young.. have many choices oo.
quite sad lo when i hear him say like this..
coz he is most close wif me de ma at coll...
if he go jor i ma need find another ppl lo..
no assignment borrow lo. hahaha.
no ppl teach me answer question lo..
God sent another angel to me k?

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