Sunday, December 6, 2009

MeaningFull Comic.. OMG - 1st part

i saw a forward email..
title is Meaningfull comic..
Meaningless and useless and make ppl more negative and unwilling to change....
why i think so??
let me explain this..

1st pic de word..


Dont you think that this phrase is quite negative meh. we can do many things... not just let ourself feel more happy... happy is short.... peace is long lasting.. and say like very cham like tat... haha.. what happy abit ba le... life can be alwiz happy no matter in good condition or bad... i agree that life is limited.. but life not oni make ourself happy... this phrase shud change to...


haha!!!! dono how to change la...
got value... and got meaning de life..
God make my life got value.. He died on cross for me...
so my life is not just for myself happy..
happy for wat ooo... if u really happy hor... inside heart also will laught outside de lo..
PEACE man.. haha..


still got alot of phrase inside the mail oo..
is those har.. negative de negative... luan luan lai de luan luan lai.. LOL..
somemore got 2 ppl sent it to meeee!!!!
somore is...... the 2....
hahahhahahahhahaha.... XD =p
later update part2. LOL

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