Tuesday, August 5, 2008

THanks God

I passed car test already.. I already fail one time jor.. So i second time only pass.. pass WITH NO BAO!! haha. i remember wat my family told me..
'傻啊你,你不包没有可能会pass的啦.. 你以为这里是美国啊?This is Malaysia! 不包不pass的啦,你要浪费家里多少钱补考才可以Pass? 你试想一想,如果你包啦,你一次就可以Pass,如果你不包一定给你fail的,你要用几多个RM150补考?又不用浪费时间去考过,好处多得不得了..你自己想啦..'
I keep reject what my family member say.. I stand firm... Coz i believe that if i passed wif no bao... I will encourage many of my friend who wanted to bao.. is a blessing of u never bao...
RM 180 for 1st time take car test.. RM150 for retake..
IF I 1st time take car test plus Bao = RM 180 + RM200 = RM380
IF I 1st time take car test wif no BAO and retake car test for second time = RM180 + RM150 = RM330.
So.. God bless me RM50 liao!! wakaka.. i believe i also added this money in heaven already.. So happy lo.. if u pass wif no Bao.. this feeling really shuang and cool. haha.. =)
HeHe... Happyy
Hey.. dont BAO o my friend.. stand firm o!
WANNa Muakz God


yeqi said...

i very sad u noe..
u dint tell me u pass oso..

欣慧 said...

i really got msg u o..
i m da one who sad also.
coz everybody also got sent back u u no o.
but now i know u nvr receive my msg..
juz now i got msg u o.. to test test but u also no reply..
and i sent msg to other they got reply.. LOL.
zha dou.
i think the problem is not from me and u.
is from MAXIS!!
dont sad la yeqi..

nat nat said...

hey hui.. c ur post my circumstance oso lk u.. my parents keep call me bao.. i keep on reject but i diff i failed twice le.. i reli no confidence liao >.<